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Climate Change Traced to High Divorce Rate

Illustration for article titled Climate Change Traced to High Divorce Rate

Divorce is pushing global warming into the danger zone. Each time a family splits up, according to a study released yesterday, it creates a double-sized carbon footprint. And since global warming is causing a general rise in thunderstorms across the planet, when you and your spouse consider splitting up, you are threatening the world with shittier weather. STAY MARRIED EVEN IF YOUR LIVES ARE HELL. THAT'S THE WAY THE BIOSPHERE WOULD WANT IT.


This chart, from study #1, shows how your carbon footprint grows when you divorce. The purple (naughty) line are divorced households and their energy use. The blue (nice) lines are families that stayed married. See how divorce makes you an evil oil-guzzling ho?

Illustration for article titled Climate Change Traced to High Divorce Rate

Global Warming Could Lead to Increased Severe Thunderstorms [PNAS] Storm image courtesy of Karen A. Kosiba.

The Environmental Impact of Divorce [PNAS]

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I have only briefly scanned the original study, but it appears that the authors fail to consider the impact of divorce on childbirth and population. Assuming that the divorced persons at least slow down their contributions to overpopulating the planet, it may well be that the planet would be better off with more divorced couples who forego, at least temporarily, having more babies.

Without addressing the impact of divorce on population, the study is close to worthless.