Classic Movies Remade Into Space Operas

The classics are classics for a reason, and it can be hard to improve on them. But come on, admit it, Space Hamlet is an idea whose time has clearly come.

In response to this piece on the power of science fiction tropes, a discussion began about one way in particular that some classic movies could be revitalized:


I'd argue everything gets better when you add IN SPACE. I'm just going to take a few classics and try it out;

Casablanca IN SPACE


Midnight Cowboy IN SPACE

The Deer Hunter IN SPACE

The Graduate IN SPACE

Driving Miss Diasy IN SPACE

An American in Paris IN SPACE

We like this idea, and would like someone to make every one of these movies on the list, please.


In the meantime, let's get started by either suggesting your own classic movies that could use a space-themed reboot or by contributing some re-written dialogue ("The problems of two carbon-based lifeforms don't amount to a hill of freeze-dried, reconstituted protein pellets in this crazy, mixed-up multiverse"), additional scenes, or character shifts that are necessary to take these stories where they were always meant to go (space).

To the comments, and beyond, people!

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