Nick Acosta decided to see what would happen if he added the nu-Who's modern score to the classic Doctor Who serials of yesteryear. The result is both strange and strangely captivating.

Here's Acosta describing the details, and why he made the vid:

Watching "classic" episodes from the 60's and 70's makes me wish they had the beautiful musical score that it's modern day incarnation has. So I have taken one of my favorite classic WHO episodes from 1972, "Doctor Who and the Sea Devils" and re-edited and re-scored it. I used composer Murray Gold's beautiful arrangements and re-edited the episode down to a compelling 7 minute action sequence. This episode had everything that made the classic show great. The Doctor versus The Master. Keen observers will note I lifted the first and last seen from "Terror of the Autons". I acknowledge this and just say they were too perfect not to include as book ends to this mini episode.


I concur. I'd genuinely love to see/hear more of these old episodes rescored like this.

[Via Reddit]