Clash Between Fictional and Real-Life Supervillains

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Although Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible may have come and gone, his effects are still being felt across the internet... especially by another blogging supervillain who feels that his thunder has been stolen by Neil Patrick Harris' deadly alter ago. Real-life supervillain Dr. Steel - who claims that he's been doing this kind of thing since 1999 - has taken umbrage at the success of Whedon's latest creation.

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Says Steel:

Behold, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. A musical "comedy" about a thirty-something, singing mad scientist who's goal it is to take over the world.

Does any of this sound familiar?

We all know who the real future World Emperor is, but if Dr. Horrible gets his TV show, comic book, cartoon series and musical, the world might turn a blind eye to the great potential of our beloved madman.

Educate the uninformed masses and send a clear message to the media where the inspiration has truly come from. The power is in your hands!

And what kind of power would that be, exactly? Apparently, the power of the internet; Steel wants his followers (or Toy Soldiers, as he calls them) to find mentions of Dr. Horrible online and post comments like "Check out Dr. Steel instead!" and "Dr. Steel's been doing this and more for a decade!" along with links back to his website. We don't think that Dr. Steel has any chance of making it to World Emperor status - I mean, come on, he's no Bad Horse - but just in case... This one's on us, Doc.

Expose Doctor Horrible! [Toy Soldiers Unite]



Well, I have to say that for about 5 minutes I was really impressed by Dr. Steel's presentation: He sure does have the look (Love that beard!), and his speaking voice is amazing!

Very well put-together website (esp. the Laboratory), which is refreshing because I've been running across a lot of 90s era Web 0.5 site designs recently.

But then I started watching the music videos...