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After ending last week’s episode by announcing she knew how to find the Mortal Cup, Clary gets her mitts on it in “Major Arcana.” Now that the hunt for the cup is over, the Shadowhunters gang can spend the rest of the season trying to rescue Clary’s mom and take down Valentine forever.


Truly, if they wanted to, they could do that in one episode—these guys have magic swords and the ability to give themselves powers like binocular-vision by burning runes into their flesh. But there are six more eps to go, which means plenty of time to draw out the Simon-is-becoming-a-vampire-OMFG subplot. It’s very emo. And boring. Ugh, Simon. Go sleep in a coffin somewhere.

A far more compelling transformation is Clary’s newfound confidence in her Shadowhunting abilities. This week, instead of doing her usual dithering and whining routine, she managed to draw the cup out of its hiding place, use it to shoo off a demon, slaughter a shape-shifter pretending to be Jace, and plant a big smooch on the real Jace in front of everybody at the Institute. Finally, with a take-charge heroine at its center—this silly but oddly endearing show might really start to get good.


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