Clarissa Explains It All prophesied the movie Cowboys & Aliens

Way back in the early 1990s, before Cowboys & Aliens was a graphic novel/film pitch, Clarissa Explains It All predicted the existence of the film in a throwaway line courtesy of Clarissa's dorky brother Ferguson. Now we know where Hollywood gets its ideas — trawling Nickelodeon teen sitcoms.

[Via NYMag]

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Yeah... to absolutely no one in particular, and to everyone in general. Can we shit-can the politics when we are talking about fucking movies. Sorry, but that is just some stupid fucking shit to bring into a conversation about box office receipts. And for the record... Olivia Wilde is significantly more appealing, talented, and quite honestly more beautiful than Megan Fox ever was. I suppose I should slap an, 'In my opinion' in there somewhere... but I am still pissed off about the political bullshit from earlier. So there....