Civil War II Ends With Two Heroes Making a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Decision

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Civil War II has already been about making some pretty bad choices. But when it comes to a close, the leaders of either side of the conflict are going to make an even worse choice than the ones that lead to Civil War II in the first place: trusting the not-so-trustworthy-at-the-moment Steve Rogers.


Announced alongside Inhumans vs. X-Men at Joe Quesada’s Comic-Con panel this weekend, Civil War II: The Oath will be a one-shot comic that brings an end to the Civil War II story, by Nick Spencer and with art by Rod Reis.

The Oath Cover art by Jeff Dekal
The Oath Cover art by Jeff Dekal

In the wake of the conflict that’s torn the Marvel universe apart, Tony Stark and Carol Danvers will apparently find themselves turning to Steve Rogers, the moral rock of the superhero community, to seek advice on how to heal the wounds created by months of battling each other (and the death of several major heroes).

The problem? As far as Steve’s concerned—cosmic cube and Red Skull mind-warping shenanigans aside—he’s a lifelong diehard Agent of Hydra, working undercover to undermine everything Tony, Carol, and every other hero in the world stands for. Womp womp.

Trusting Steve while he’s still under the influence of the Red Skull and Kobik’s altered memories is gonna be a really bad choice, even if Carol and Tony don’t know it yet. But it does indicate that Marvel has some pretty big plans to keep the ramifications of Civil War II keenly felt in its lineup beyond the end of the event. Divided we stand, and all that.


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So ... do the super villains of the world just sort of sit back and watch any time one of these “civil wars” break out?