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With studios using viral campaigns to market their movies so often these days, it's not surprising that actors have started using the same techniques to try to convince fans that they're in the running for certain high-level roles. Even if no-one knows who they actually are. Under the jump, meet the new Captain America . . . Well, in his own mind, at least.

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This image - comparing an unnamed actor to Marvel's sentinel of liberty and soon-to-be movie franchise - has been making the rounds online, along with a YouTube teaser for an unnamed project (which, let's face it, probably has the working title of "I really, really want to be Captain America"), normally accompanied by a sockpuppet message along the lines of "I don't know who this guy is, but he'd make a great Captain America!"

Of course, sometimes people don't fall for the hype; when the fans at the Captain America US messageboard accused "SuzyQ" of being a sockpuppet for the actor himself, "she" didn't take it too well:

excuse me? that is the most rude response i have ever gotten from a kid on a message board. you are obviously jealous of that man in the video because he looks like a god. i am attracted to him but he's not my brandon and that's why i'm worried for his part as superman. so i can see how a regular kid like you could get upset about being out of a real man's league.

how dare you call me a man or accuse me of being one, child.

you obviously have no respect for women and therefore have NO respect for yourself. i just wasted my time looking you up on imdb. let me just take the high road like the honorable woman i am and simply say you should probably search out other career paths besides acting.

and you best not tell a woman to "can it" again or you are likely to get slapped.

you sicken me and give this board and captain america a bad rep.

goodbye and i hope you get some help for your low self esteem. good luck and best wishes to you.


Well, I know that I'm convinced.

This isn't the first time someone has used this method to try and impress studios with their potential chops - In 2004, the fan film Grayson made the name and internet fame of John Fiorella temporarily as fans clamored for more, even getting a slot at that year's San Diego Comic-Con before Warner Bros. closed it down due to worries about copyright. This latest attempt may steer clearer of copyright worries, but is about as likely to actually succeed... which is to say, not very. Which is a shame, really; he looks the part, after all, and even though we have no idea about his acting chops, he'd definitely be a better choice than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Video On Mystery Captain America Man [Captain America US]

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