Cinderella Trailer Is Everything A Live-Action Disney Movie Should be

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This new trailer for Disney's Cinderella only further confirms our suspicions that this live-action adaptation is almost a scene-for-scene remake of Disney's cartoon fable. GOOD.

After a year of gritty Alice in Wonderland war tales and crappy Maleficent backstories where she doesn't turn into a dragon, it's nice to see a movie that remembers wonder. For years, it has seemed that no one at Disney remembered why people liked these fairy tales in the first place, and then this Cinderella trailer pops up and reminds us all: it's magic, motherfucker.

Behold the horse rides, dress ripping, silly fairy godmother bibity bopping and WONDER. The miraculous twinkle of pixie dust, magic and mice. This is what we've been waiting for from Disney. Fingers crossed that Cinderella delivers on fun and spectacle and romance and heart, because so far these trailers are killing it.

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Fred Fuchs

Thanks to the trailers, I've already seen the movie. Saved myself $12.