Cillian Murphy has the worst romantic getaway ever, in the first trailer for the plague drama Retreat

Cillian Murphy's been an old pro when it comes to being one of the last survivors of a deadly outbreak — but in Retreat, he's not even sure what's going on.


Murphy's character goes on a retreat with his wife, played by Thandie Newton, to help fix their struggling marriage. They're alone on a deserted island — until a stranger (Jamie Bell) arrives bearing news of a global pandemic that's wiped out almost everyone else. Is he a psycho? And even if he is a psycho, does that mean he's not telling the truth? It looks like the action gets pretty claustrophobic and horrific, judging from this first glimpse.

Retreat, directed by Carl Tibbetts, is showing at Cannes soon, and Sony Pictures is distributing it in the United States. No word on a release date yet, though. [via The Film Stage]

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