Cillian "The Mark" Murphy is in final talks to play a "Timekeeper" in Gattaca director Andrew Niccol's upcoming Im.Mortal. Im.Mortal takes place in a future where the human aging gene has malfunctioned, and only the wealthy can buy off immortality.

In Im.Mortal, an immortal population leads to overpopulation, and those who can't purchase eternal life are culled Logan's Run style. According to THR's Heat Vision, "Murphy will play an officer from an organization known as Timekeepers and described as 'precise as the time he keeps.' " Should Murphy join the cast, he'll be hunting down Justin Timberlake (who's in negotiations to play a forever young murder suspect who's inherited a fortune) and Amanda Seyfried (the heiress Timberlake kidnaps while on the run).


Lord knows that Murphy's got the chops to play bad guys — anyone who's seen Red Eye or Batman Begins can attest to his nebbish animalism. Also, his thumbs-in-eyes scene from 28 Days Later just speaks for itself.