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Chun-Li Raises Her Fists (And Thighs) For Revenge In New Trailer

Vega, Bison, Balrog and the rest of the Street Fighter gang put Chun-Li's super-strength to the test, as she runs up walls dodging Vega's claws and flexing her super thigh muscles.

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li follows Kristen Kreuk, as she learns all about her street fighting skills and uncovers the mystery of her past. And the little kicker becomes pretty pissed when she finds out who is responsible for her family's troubled past.


Even though I truly love this video game, I just can't see how this film will deliver. I need to see how bad-ass Bison is going to be, because right now, we're borderline not cutting it, also I'm still going to need to see more bulk on the lovely Kreuk. You should be able to break a chair over her, and she should just shrug it off.

The action movie will be released on February 27, 2009.

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Why do all Hollywood Martial Arts movies look like the dumb kid who thinks he's a ninja? It's like they try so hard but still end up hitting themselves in the crotch with the nunchucks.