Chucky Is the Most Terrifying Therapy Doll Ever in the Trailer for Cult of Chucky (UPDATED)

Chucky is back. Image: YouTube
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Here’s a idea: maybe if you are a doctor treating patents with childhood trauma after being attacked by a killer doll, don’t bring the doll into the hospital? Then again, there’s no movie if you don’t.

The first trailer for Don Mancini’s Cult of Chucky has arrived, and though it’s not 100 percent clear what’s going on, Chucky gets to use a lot of medical equipment to terrorize people who are very aware of what he can do and his past. And that doctor ought to be fired for further traumatizing his patients by bringing a Good Guys doll into therapy, possessed or not.

Cult of Chucky, which seems like it features a ton of cameos and stories from the previous films, won’t be in theaters. It’ll be on Blu-ray and digital formats October 3. But dammed if it doesn’t look entertaining.


[YouTube via BMD]

Update: The trailer was offline for a few hours. We’ve put up a new embed.

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