Chuck's Zach Levi Joins Heroes Reborn In Attempt To Make It Watchable

Illustration for article titled iChuck/is Zach Levi Joins iHeroes Reborn/i In Attempt To Make It Watchable

Zachary Levi is returning to NBC, but not as the super-spy Chuck. This time he'll be the lead of the upcoming Heroes sequel series, which is possibly the only casting announcement the show could have made that makes me slightly less apprehensive about this probably trainwreck.

Levi is an intensely likable lead, which is not something Heroes had a lot of in its original incarnation, and he may bring a sense of humor to the superhero show, which is a power original star Milo Ventimiglia never managed to absorb. Of course, Heroes' main problem wasn't taking itself too seriously as much as it was being totally godawful, and there's nothing Levi can do about having terrible writers. Still, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Excelsior!

[Via TV Line]

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Heroes had Dexter syndrome in that it loved its villain too much and just when they could have made Sylar interesting or, in a much better move actually kill him, they didn't and just let him get away with everything with no consequences at all.