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Chuck's Comic Book Spinoff Full of Tickle Fetishism

Illustration for article titled Chucks Comic Book Spinoff Full of Tickle Fetishism

Corporate crossovers take another step forward this month, as DC Comics announced that they'll be publishing a six issue mini-series spin-off from NBC's nerdspy show Chuck, which is produced by WB Television... who just happens to share a corporate parent with DC. The series is described in the advertising solicitation as a "globe-trotting, action-packed adventure."


It will be written by show writer Zev Barow with executive producer, Peter Johnson (who's just finished adapting another of his shows, the CW's Supernatural - another WB TV production - for DC) and illustrated by indie artist Jeremy Haun. Launching in June, the six-part series may be able to show off what the concept can do when stripped of budget concerns and standards and practices worries, if the advertising copy about the story being "too big for television" is anything to go by. If nothing else, Morgan may be slightly less annoying on paper.

The solicitation for the first issue goes a little something like this:

The hit NBC television series comes to comics as Chuck Bartowski and his friends are about to take the world by storm—literally! From series co-executive producer Peter Johnson (Supernatural: Rising Son) and series writer Zev Borow joined with artists Jeremy Haun (The Leading Man) and Phil Noto (Jonah Hex) comes an adventure too big for television!In this globe-trotting, action-packed adventure, Chuck will see many exotic locales, dodge numerous bullets, and be tortured by the world's greatest...tickler?


Chuck #1 [DC Comics]

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Chris Braak

Wait—"take the world by storm—literally!"?

They're actually storming the world? What the hell does that even mean in a literal sense?