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Are you excited about the news that Starz is developing Blackbirds as a TV series? No? Then go read our review of Wendig's marvelous book, about a tough hitchhiker named Miriam Black who can see exactly how and when you're going to die, and then come back and be excited with us.


Folks who have read the Miriam Black novels know that Wendig subverts every expectation you might have when hearing the premise — including the fact that eventually Miriam sees the murder of a friendly trucker she encounters, meaning she's the killer's next victim — this isn't some treacly Ghost Whisperer nonsense. With the right casting, this show could be phenomenal. Wendig himself says from everything he's seen the show looks "faithful" to his books, and he trusts the showrunners, including former X-Files screenwriter and Breaking Bad co-producer John Shiban, implicitly.

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