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Last night's Chuck finally gave us something we'd been wanting since day one - and made it seem worth the wait. Also, the Ring showed that maybe they're not completely inept before reassuring us that, yeah, they actually are. Spoilers!


First off: Thank God Morgan finally knows. After his suspicions were raised earlier this season - even though, let's face it, they probably should've been raised way before that - this probably should've seemed like more of an obvious conclusion, but I was worried that the Hannah reveal was going to be a successful diversionary tactic (Hannah, by the way? Entirely gone; Morgan tells us that she quit the BuyMore between episodes, so I guess Kristin Kreuk's guest-spots are done).

And thankfully, the way he deals with all the news, alternating between "this is so cool" and "oh, that's right, I know" smugness - That wink after calling Sarah "Agent Walker"? Perfect, and perfectly annoying - is entirely right, as was the way we saw him dealing with his discovery of the CIA base by, essentially, contextualizing it as a real-life videogame until he actually got in trouble. Bringing Morgan into the spy part of the show gives us the original Chuck back - it re-humanizes him by letting him be honest with someone who doesn't exist as part of that world (or, like Awesome, freaks out over knowing and suggests that he and Ellie move to Africa - which has me wondering, are they really going to try and write Awesome and Ellie out? And now that Morgan and Awesome both know Chuck's secret, how long before Ellie does?), but it also gives we viewers someone who forgets the boundaries between spy fiction and spy reality again for the first time since the first season. It's a very, very welcome move.


And who else could've managed it, if not Batman? Diedrich Bader, voice of the Dark Knight in the awesome Batman: The Brave and The Bold cartoon, showed up and, like his Bones guest appearances, made me wonder why he's not got a live action show of his own to play with. Here, he was the leader of a Ring cell that managed to work out not only the location of Shaw's base but also Chuck's secret identity, which made them seem like a credible threat right up until the end of the episode when we were told that, somehow, their communications were blocked and they didn't manage to tell anyone anything before they were captured. Seriously? Seriously? Yes, it's the result of needing to finish everything up in the same episode, but still, that's just basic Evil Spy 101 stuff, people: Always let someone know where you suspect the enemy base is, just in case you don't make it back.

That aside, this was a great episode; everything and everyone came together naturally, viewers' intelligences were (non-communicating villains aside) respected, and even the BuyMore scenes didn't seem too slapstick or awkwardly inserted. Episodes like this make the draggy, soap opera ones like last week's fade in the memory and get me excited for what happens next. But what did you think?

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