Chuck Vs. The Perfect Ending

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Who knew that a midnight screening of Tron would turn out to be so important? This week's Chuck eagerly dumped the status quo and was all the better for doing so... Spoilers, of course.


I have no idea where to start with "Chuck Vs. The Colonel" - Casey promoted? Morgan quitting the BuyMore? Sarah and Chuck finally just getting together at last? Awesome finding out the truth about Chuck? Chuck getting de-intersected? All of them happened this week, in what would've been the perfect last episode of the series, but doing it all with an episode left - as well as, I hope, a third season on its way - seemed particularly bold and more than a little risky. How can the show keep going after dismantling its entire premise?

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But at the same time, it also seems pointless to complain; the episode took the show apart in such a way that was both true to everything that'd come before - the Awesome scenes in particular were weirdly fulfilling, as both Chuck and Ellie demanded that he live up to his name - and stylish enough in their own right, managing the speedy A-plot (including a Tron screening that was actually a plan to create an army of evil intersects) with multiple B-plots (Awesome's discovery, Morgan's realization, Jeff and Lester's attempts to sabotage the BuyMore) without it seeming crowded or over the top. Even the expected-return of Chevy Chase's surprisingly believable evil-Bill-Gates, Ted Roark, in the last couple of minutes of the show felt right. If they can carry this level of quality off into next week's finale, it'll be a fitting close to the season, and maybe even the series... but also a sign that, should NBC not renew it, another network (Hello, SyFy) should definitely think about picking it up.

What did you think? And, if there is a third season, how can they keep going without undercutting the closure of this episode?



"Chevy Chase's surprisingly believable evil-Bill-Gates"

Maybe you're a Mac person in denial, but it was pretty clear in earlier episodes that he was supposed to be Steve Jobs.

As for last night... mmmmm underwear close up glaarrrggg