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Last week's Chuck may have brought a long-awaited (and long-overdue) revelation, but last night's episode went one further with a couple of moments that no-one could've seen coming... including the characters themselves. Go Team Status Quo Change! Spoilers ahead.


If Chuck keeps messing with its formula as much as it has in the last couple of episodes, they'll have to start using the old DC Comics tagline, "Not a dream! Not an imaginary story!", in their teasers for what's coming up. While last week's "Morgan learns the secret" was fun - and his "You know?" scene with Awesome the comedic highlight of the episode - seeing Casey knowingly betray his country and his friends for the woman he loved brought the drama, as well as giving us some hints as to where the rest of the season's going to go. Let's consider the main points, shall we?

Casey's Fired?
I'm torn between "I hope this isn't a 'He's actually in deep undercover" fake-out" and "He'll save the world and be reinstated before too long" about this plot development, but I really like it; Casey - who's always been the one to place duty and honor above everything else (Remember that he was the one who hunted Sarah and Chuck at the end of last season without a "We can make this all better, just you wait!" ulterior motive, unlike last night's vice versa?), even, as we saw last night, the woman he loves and his own identity - as a civilian makes for a potentially awesome flipside to Chuck's own story, if they're willing to let the character grow. We know that Chuck becoming the perfect spy has been dehumanizing, but can Casey stop being a perfect spy and start being... well, human?

(Also, Casey's real name is Alex? What's with all of the real names all of a sudden?)


Casey Has A Daughter?
Please please please let this not be entirely dropped forever. Being a cynical bastard, I wasn't won over by the "This is the woman I gave up for my country" angle, but I have to admit: I'd love to see Casey try to be a father, if only for the comedic potential and seeing Adam Baldwin's grunts take on a resigned, defeated by a teenage girl, tone.

The Magic Pill
So there's a pill that makes Chuck into "the intersect he was always meant to be"... But that, apparently, includes Darth Vader-style strangling enemies to death if no-one interrupts (That was a great fight sequence, though). Chuck's look at the end of that scene made it look as if he's realized that wasn't a good thing, but between the revelation of the pill's existence and Sarah's "Never stop being Chuck, Chuck" speech, I can't help but feel that this plot is far from over. What happens if someone forces Chuck to take a pill that blocks all his emotions, for example? And who would do that? The good guys? The bad guys? Shaw, who may be either one at this point?

Sarah's Leaving?
Well, firstly: No, she's not; it'd break the show. But the idea that she's considering it is interesting, because a lot of this season has shown how necessary she is to keep Chuck grounded. If she leaves, will he turn into the killing machine General Beckmann seems to have no problem wanting? And is that why Shaw and Beckmann seem to be luring her away?

Robert Patrick Is Awesome
He just is. He wasn't in last night's episode for very long, but when he was on-screen, you couldn't take your eyes off him. Someone needs to take him on full-time. Warehouse 13, you'll do.


Last night's episode may not have been as great as "Chuck Vs. The Beard," but it was still one of the best of the season, which seems on a definite upswing - and definite direction towards some conclusion. Shame it was the least-watched show of the series to date (Damn you, daylight savings time!). Here's hoping that next week, viewers return and we find out more about where this whole thing is headed.

But what did you think?


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