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So now we know that NBC's Chuck will get a third season of thrills, spills and... worryingly obvious product placement? Expect to see even more shout-outs to Subway than you would've expected, apparently.


Variety snuck in the lowdown on what it took to keep Chuck going, into a report about NBC's upcoming 2009-2010 slate:

As part of the "Chuck" renewal, [NBC] also sealed a major marketing deal with Subway (which was at the heart of a massive "Save Chuck" campaign). Under the pact, Subway will be integrated in the show — one character will work for the sandwich chain — and other advertising tie-ins will be launched.


Morgan's totally going to end up in Subway, isn't he? So much for that dream of being a benihana chef.

What'll be interesting to see is how the show can incorporate Subway without insulting it; working in a BuyMore was always easy to portray as a dead-end job because it's not a real store, but can the series do the same to the real-life chain helping keep it alive?

NBC cuts fall season in two [Variety]

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