Chuck Meets His Maker... Almost

Last night's Chuck started the ramp-up to the season's "gamechanging" finale with a gamechanger of its own: Beckmann was revealed to be a midget. Oh, and we met the creator of the intersect... kind of.


Very quietly, this season of Chuck has turned into quite the spy drama where the audience - and Chuck himself - doesn't know who to trust. Sure, we know that Fulcrum are bad guys, but last night we learned that the US Government doesn't want Chuck to dump the intersect from his head, and will happily ruin his life in order to keep it in there. It seemed, in fact, that Chuck's only ally was Orion, the mysterious inventor of the Intersect, who found Chuck last night, but was apparently killed before we could find out just who he actually was (Although we got a Matrix-y glimpse thanks to television internet logic; my bet is that he's not really dead, and that he's also Chuck's dad... There was something oddly Scott Bakula-esque about Orion's shadowy, pixelly figure) - although he managed to mail important information about the intersect to Chuck beforehand, just in case (which he hid inside an issue of Ex Machina... a comic about a guy who accidentally becomes part-machine. Nice shout-out, Chuckmakers).

It was easy to ignore the BuyMore B-plot in last night's episode, if only because it seemed so slight next to the slow realization of just how screwed Chuck really was (Although the near-destruction of the BuyMore by Jeff and Lester mistaking Orion's supercomputer for a flight simulation game was a nice tying together of the two plots), but the show's become very adept at using the broad comedy of the BuyMore to offset what's happening in the main storyline, and this week's rivalry between our store and the Beverly Hills BuyMore gave us some excellent Tony Hale moments, so who could really complain too much about that?

What we're left with, though, is a plot that seems to be leading to Chuck going rogue, abandoning the government and their "secret war" with Fulcrum in order to try and lose the intersect. But I have no idea where that'll end up, and that's turning out to be the best thing about the show: Having no idea where they're going, but enjoying the journey nonetheless.

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