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As if Nicole Richie's (surprisingly not bad) guest appearance wasn't bad enough, NBC's Chuck is about to be overrun with more stunt casting as Jenny McCarthy and Andy Richter step into the show to play a suburban couple who may or may not have a spy-esque past. Spoilers for the unexpected team-up of the year - well, next year - await; you few Chuck faithful have been warned.E! Online reported that both McCarthy and Richter have signed on to appear in the season's fourteenth episode, "Chuck Versus The Suburbs" (which Charlie has already covered in Morning Spoilers) as suburban neighbors to an undercover - and pretending to be a married couple - Chuck and Sarah. While E! feels the need to play dumb about the details, we're not so coy: We're calling McCarthy as Sylvia, the suburban housewife who gets Chuck handcuffed to a bed, and Richter as Brad, Sylvia's partner in, if not crime, then at least some state secret smuggling every now and again. While we're not exactly excited about McCarthy's appearance - It takes a lot to erase those Two And A Half Men appearances in our mind, I'm afraid - Richter getting to play the evil side of jolly is always a fine thing to see. We'll be eagerly tuning into the episode when it airs in February next year. Chuck Casts Jenny McCarthy and Andy Richter [E! Online]

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