Chuck Joins Heroes In The Webisode Frenzy

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Since someone apparently loved the Heroes webisodes, NBC is rolling out a whole slew of webisodes based on Chuck, its fledgling show about a nerd who gets the nation's spy knowledge downloaded into his brain. Scripts for a few of the webisodes got posted as "casting sides" for actors to audition for guest roles in them. The good news: Unlike the Heroes webisodes, they actually feature the regular cast of Chuck (but not Chuck himself, as far as I can tell.) The other good news: They're actually pretty great. Webisode spoilers ahead. The webisodes are structured as sort of mini-documentaries about life at the Buy More, the Best Buy-clone store where Chuck Bartowski works. They feature his friends and coworkers, including Morgan, Lester, Jeff... and Casey, the gruff NSA agent played by Adam "god walks among us" Baldwin. Each segment starts with a little fake instructional film about working at Buy More, and then it segues into a little vignette set at the Buy More. In one webisode, a weirdly woman who works in the "entertainment" industry comes in for help, because she was uploading "personal" pictures from her laptop, and it froze up. Jeff and Lester fight over who gets to help her, using a modified rock-paper-scissors game on the run called "Roshambo." They succeed in unlocking the porn on her computer and stare, entranced, at the screen. They call over Anna, who's also entranced. They start to tell her they'll need to keep her laptop overnight, but then Morgan busts them for looking at porn, and she grabs her laptop and goes home. Another porn-related webisode: Morgan sold some underage kids the unrated version of Showgirls for $5, and they're pissed because it's not X-rated enough. They're like, why should I pay $5 to look at this when I can see your mom naked on the internet for free? Morgan is upset, because he was sure those pics of his mom had been taken down. The kids are getting ready to kick Morgan's ass, but then he whispers to the lead kid that he'll tell the others the kid boosted a Hannah Montana disk. The kids back off quick. And finally, the awesome Adam Baldwin gets interviewed on camera and demonstrates how he has eliminated shoplifting at the Buy More. In a nutshell, Casey has a "three strikes" policy. And you don't want to be the hapless DVD-stealer who incurs the third strike.

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Charlie Jane Anders

@Log1c: They're not up anywhere as far as I know... we got hold of scripts.