Chuck Breaks Out Of Its Rut

NBC's spy show Chuck finally showed signs of breaking out of its rut last night. Bryce, Chuck's college buddy, came back from the dead. Literally. Bryce originally downloaded the spy database into Chuck's brain and used to date Sarah, the CIA agent Chuck is now sort-of-dating. So bringing Bryce back helps to launch a love triangle and kick the story's overarching arc into high gear. In this clip, we meet the secret mastermind behind all of Chuck's troubles.

Chuck's pilot set up a formula: Chuck works at Buy More, a Best Buy clone store. Because he has every piece of spy knowledge in the universe locked in his brain, Sarah from the CIA and Casey from the NSA keep tabs on him and sometimes pull him in to help with tough cases. A lot of the show's suspense revolved around Chuck's maybe-relationship with Sarah, until last week they finally kissed. And now Bryce is back. The chemistry between Bryce and Sarah was hard to ignore, especially when they teamed up to take out a squad of rogue CIA agents.

The CIA rogues work for Tommy, the head of a splinter organization called FULCRUM. Tommy wants the super-database that Bryce stored in Chuck's brain, so Chuck may no longer be safe out in public at his nerdy computer help desk. Also, the episode culminated with a huge shoot-out between CIA factions at Buy More, so Chuck's cover is definitely on the way to being blown. Less of the annoying geeks-working-retail stuff would be a good thing, especially with Reaper serving up the same dish.


If Chuck veers more towards being a spy adventure — and if Chuck himself stops acting like such a dweeb — the show could become compulsive viewing. For now, it's on the right track.

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