Chrome Logo Inspired by Cheesy Scifi Movie Sequel?

Sure the new Google Chrome browser is cool, but it turns out that the Chrome logo comes from the lamest place possible: The cheesy sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. We've told you before how we feel about 2010, and now the folks at Neatorama have discerned that the Chrome logo is in fact based on the worst part of the film. That's right, I'm talking about HAL 9000's friendlier, gentler, bluer and LAMER little sister, SAL 9000. Sounds true. The shiny blue eye is right there, and 2010 is exactly the sort of we're-all-space-brothers movie that would inspire engineers hoping to take over the Earth. I mean, trying to make the Earth a nicer place.


If you don't buy the SAL 9000 idea, then Blogoscoped has an even better one. They think the logo is a mashup of everything in the universe, including the 1980s toy Simon and the Firefox logo. I think they forgot beach ball and the alien ball from Phantasm that lodges itself in your head and sucks all your blood out. I like it when Google lodges in my brain and sucks all my data out. Don't you?

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