Christopher Paolini's next book project will be science fiction

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The Inheritance, the final book in Christopher Paolini's book series that began with Eragon, has sold half a million copies on its first day. So what's Paolini going to do next? A science fiction novel, he tells the Bookseller:

"I want to move into a longer term career where each book may be not as popular as Eragon but may be popular in its own right." He has a number of books already plotted out across a range of genres including sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers and historical fiction, but his next story will probably be sci-fi. "I have two or three stories I'm particular fond of at the moment," Paolini said he may also try his hand at producing film or video games that "may or may not‚" be based on the Eragon books.


My favorite part is the one and only comment on the Bookseller article, from Gareth P:

Fair's fair, the Eragon books are a thinly disguised rewrite of Star Wars in a fantasy setting. It's about time he retold The Lord of the Rings in an SF universe.


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