Christopher Nolan's Craziest Batman Stunt Yet?

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Christopher Nolan trashed so many vehicles in The Dark Knight, he probably gave Michael Bay an inferiority complex. But apparently he's figured out a way to top himself in The Dark Knight Rises.


According to British news reports, Nolan wants to shut down a major highway in Scotland, the A9, for an "epic" stunt involving a Lockheed C-130 Hercules plane, that will take three days to film. (He'll probably film it at night to minimize disruption.) What does this stunt entail? A source tells Britain's News of the World, via Metro:

The movie crew desperately want to film this. It's a key section of the film. Batman is on board a plane that is hurtling to the ground. The script says he takes control of it and lands it on the road while it's on fire. People are going to love it. It's a tremendous challenge.


Of course, bear in mind the News of the World isn't always the most reliable source of information in the universe. But we do know Nolan is filming in Scotland, and this sounds like something he would do. It sounds amazing, in any case.

Top image: Promo artwork from Licensing International Expo, via Metro.

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I have no idea what they think these things bring to film. Mostly they are embarrassing. Am I the only person who has to resist the urge to fast forward through idiotic action sequences in order to continue with the movie?

What made The Dark Knight great? The inept action sequences that force us to strain our suspension of disbelief to the point that we almost feel bad about ourselves for saying it's a good movie? No. It was the cast. No, not even the cast, it was all Heath Ledger and Micheal Caine and Gary Oldman.

Insipid bullshit. The more "epic" the stunt the more it just begs us to roll our eyes. The longer the sequence, the longer we have to fidget in our seats waiting for the movie to continue. We are starving, and this generation of asinine child-directors tells us to eat cake. No, not even cake, just lick the icing.

Save the money on the stupid plane stunt AND HIRE A FUCKING ACTOR.