Christopher Nolan's Chilling Behind The Scenes Inception Video

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan's latest film is shrouded in mystery, but we've got a few ideas. Still, this leaked on set video is so surreal and weird, it's spooky. Spoilery talk ahead.


We believe that Nolan's latest movie takes us into the mind, and lets us step inside a person's dreams. This video below, which was taken from the sidelines on the Inception shoot, shows a freight train barreling down the middle of the street — something possible only in your dreams. The whole thing is delightfully off-putting and... well, dream-like. Which is probably exactly what Nolan wants, and we're excited to see more. The next two clips show what seem to be a firefight, and a driving sequence.


[via Cinemablend]


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hope they CGI in some road destruction.. No way in hell a train doesn't leave grooves in smooth pavement.