Christopher Nolan is officially directing Batman 3. Plus one of the Mad Men becomes immortal!

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We can now officially start getting excited about Batman 3. Alfonso Cuarón may have finally found the perfect leading lady for Gravity. Mad Men's Pete Campbell is leaving his 60s ad agency for a dystopian future. Huzzah for spoilers!


Batman 3:

It feels like we've pretty much known this since about 2005, but now it's official. Christopher Nolan has confirmed that he is (almost certainly) directing Batman 3. [Empire Online]



Alfonso Cuarón's artsy space shuttle disaster movie may have finally found its big name star. Natalie Portman is reportedly in "active negotiations" for the role, which is an improvement on previous reports that said she was only mulling it over privately, and would more likely than not pass on the role. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Andrew Niccol's dystopian film where time is literally money has picked up two new cast members to go along with Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried, and Cillian Murphy. Vincent Kartheiser, best known as the lovably oily Pete Campbell on Mad Men, will reportedly play Seyfried's father, a rich businessman who must choose between saving his daughter or protecting the system that has given him eternal youth. Collins Pennie has also reportedly been cast a one of Cillian Murphy's time enforcement henchmen. [IGN]


Tron Legacy:

Some more cool promo photos have been released: [IGN]

Superman/Batman - Apocalypse:

Here's another new clip from DC's DVD movie, plus Summer Glau explaining how she relates to her character, the superpowered Kara Zor-El:


Here's a behind the scenes video on the making of the first two episodes: [Fringe Spoilers]

The Event:

Here are a couple of cast interviews for the third episode, "Protect Them From The Truth." There are a few more videos at the link: [SpoilerTV]
Click to view

Click to view


And here's a behind the scenes video for the same episode. Again, check out more videos at the link: [SpoilerTV]
Click to view


Here are some promo photos for episode 4, the Bobby-centric "Weekend at Bobby's": [SpoilerTV]



Here are two sneak peeks at the mid-season premiere, "Unvanquished": Click to view

Click to view


And here's a cool new photo of some Cylons: [SpoilerTV]

Stargate Universe:

Here's a sneak peek of episode two, "Aftermath": [SpoilerTV]

And here are some promo photos from the same episode: [SpoilerTV]

Assuming you can sit through the often interminable fourth hour of The Today Show, here's an interview with Robert Carlyle: [SpoilerTV] Click to view


No Ordinary Family:

Romany Malco tweeted his character, George St. Cloud, might soon share some scenes with Amy Acker. It's unclear whether she would show up in relation to his work as the district attorney, or as part of his assisting Jim in vigilante crimefighting. She could even be one of the ex-wives he mentioned... [CinemaBlend]


The seventh episode will reportedly be called "No Ordinary Mobster." [KSiteTV]


Cassidy Freeman (Tess) provides a guided tour of the set: [SpoilerTV]

And here's an interview with Allison Mack: [SpoilerTV] Click to view


Here are promo photos for the season premiere, "Kali Part 3", and episode two, "Firewall": [SpoilerTV]


Terra Nova:

The show is looking for a pair of "diverse actors" in their thirties to play two regular female characters. Here are their descriptions, which provide some additional insight into the world of the show:

DR. ELISABETH SHANNON. A renowned doctor specializing in biochemistry, Elisabeth is the mother of teenaged Josh and Maddy and 5-year-old Clementine - an illegal child, since the law in the year 2149 only allows families two children. Still technically married but estranged from her ex-cop (dirty cop, apparently) husband Jim, Elisabeth is a smart, warm, down-to-earth woman who, with her family, is part of the latest wave of settlers to emigrate via time portal to the Terra Nova settlement. Elisabeth is not only worried about her family's ability to settle in this strange new word, she's also worried about the repercussions of smuggling in their third child, and her deeply troubled relationship with Jim. SERIES REGULAR. DIVERSE ACTORS ONLY;

MIRA. Beautiful but battle-hardened, with wiry muscles stretched over a willowy frame, tough, uncompromising, Mira is the leader of a renegade colony near Terra Nova, called Triple Junction, whose people are characterized by Frank Taylor as being bitter, paranoid malcontents who couldn't adjust to life at Terra Nova. Mira makes no secret of her hatred and contempt for Taylor and the colony, though her situation forces her to trade with them. Despite being the beloved and respected leader of her little band, Mira is deeply worried about her ability to lead them with limited resources, but she does her best to hide her vulnerability beneath the demeanor of a confident leader. She seems to have an insight into Terra Nova leader Frank Taylor that few have - and her opinion of him isn't good.



Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth and Charlie Jane Anders.


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I've enjoyed most of the DC animated movies, especially Batman: Under the Red Hood. The previous Batman/Superman team-up was Public Enemies and I think they pulled it off well. However, the problem with the Batman/Superman team-up (and this movie features Wonder Woman as well) is that many of Superman's rogues gallery are too super-powered for Batman to realistically contend with. This is particularly true with Darkseid who could and would annihilate Batman in seconds with his Omega beams.


I've seen Apocalypse and they do create a situation giving Batman some leverage which prevents Darkseid from killing him when they meet each other. The fight scenes were pretty good too, particularly the all female rumble between Wonder Woman/Big Barda vs Granny Goodness and her Female Furies. All in all, not as good as Public Enemies, but still recommended viewing, especially considering the voice talent (Kevin Conroy & Tim Daly FTW), although I much prefer Frank Welker's take on Darkseid in the JLU cartoon.