Warner Bros. has been trying to make a live-action Akira movie for as long as we can remember. Multiple filmmakers, actors, and writers have unsuccessfully tried to adapt the graphic novel turned iconic animated film for Hollywood. Now comes the biggest Akira rumor yet.

This new rumor says the studio is trying to restart the scifi epic in a bigger way than ever and they may be bringing one of their big guns on to help. Den of Geek reports the studio wants to make not one, but three Akira movies and they asked none other than Christopher Nolan to talk to an unnamed director previously attached to the project about them.


So, of course, based on that sliver of information, the “Telephone” nature of the Internet would have you believe Nolan is directing a trilogy of movies or something like that. No. The news is he may have had a meeting with someone who once worked on the project. What they discussed there or if the meeting happened, we don’t know.

What we do know is Warner Bros. has dated a mystery Christopher Nolan movie for release summer of 2017. That’s a fact. So if Akira is back on the table, he’s almost certainly not directing. Could he be producing? Advising? Maybe. It’s hypothetically plausible. The dystopian themes in Akira, as well as the futuristic world and technology, all feel like things that would interest Nolan. And if he was attached, the studio might feel more comfortable developing the project as a trilogy instead of single film.

Then again Akira has already worked - masterfully - as a single film. Is there really a need for three? Is the studio concerned about doing a trilogy to be more faithful to the original comics? Or are they trying to stretch one arguably recognizable brand name into three films? Or is the rumor incorrect? We don’t know.


Nevertheless, Christopher Nolan spending any significant time on a trilogy that he’s not writing or directing seems a little out there. Unless of course, he is and we have our minds blown in a few months when it’s announced his 2017 movie is actually Akira. That seems highly doubtful, but crazier things have happened. Or have they?

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