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When interviewed by the LA Times' Geoff Boucher, the Dark Knight director explained why he's "not a huge fan" of the technology that's turning every other Hollywood movie into a theme-park ride.


While he didn't rule out 3D entirely, Nolan made it clear that he'd only do it if he could do it his way.

"We did tests on Inception to look at the post conversion process...and they worked very well. It's quite easy to do, in fact. But it takes a little time, and we didn't have the time to do it to the standard that I would have been happy."


Strangely, he's talking about the same process — after-the-fact conversion of a film shot in 2D into 3D — that riled Clash of the Titans moviegoers. But that's the only way Nolan would do it — on, perhaps, his third Batman film, due in 2012 — as he dislikes the dimness of many 3D films.

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