Christoph Waltz Explains the Joys of Krampus to a Befuddled Jimmy Fallon

We love Krampus, the dark side of Santa, who punishes the naughty while Santa rewards the nice. But not everyone is aware of this Germanic folktale, leaving Christoph Waltz to act as an ambassador for the creature. He's right: the Elf on a Shelf just does not compare.


[via Laughing Squid]



Technically, we don't have a "Santa" in Austria.

Krampus accompanies Saint Nicholas, who rewards the kids with sweets on the 8th of December.
On the 24th, children get their presents from the "Christ-Child" ("Christkindl" - apparently the reason why Santa is sometimes called "Chris Kringle"). Some people consider it a sad sign of the times that the Christ-Child is slowly being replaced by Santa and his German counterpart, the unimaginatively-named "Christmas-Man" (who is of course much more present in the media).