Christian Slater's Split Personalities Have Different Erotic Needs

What the family man wants, the family man gets. What the family man's alter ego wants, he gets from the family man's wife at night. My Own Worst Enemy's Henry Spivey has no idea why his wife is suddenly sexually pleased by him, and this confusion affects his job performance and his financial acumen. Can the second episode of this show be all that bad if it invents new sexual positions to save the global economy?Suddenly the show's writers are, Crusoe-style, looking for a real life inspiration for their divided hero's plight. Secret agent/explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton brought back the Kama Sutra and had it translated from Sanskrit. Espionage and enlightened sex have always gone swimmingly together. Morgan adopted many disguises as he explored the East, but he never attempted switching between personalities, as Henry Spivey/Edward Albright can no longer do safely in My Own Worst Enemy.


The show made progress towards a Get Smart-like tone in this episode, with a Roxanne-style comedy sequence to open the night's festivities properly. Slater himself is growing into the main role — his background as a stage actor gives him an adaptive resource to fill the space where Kiefer Sutherland breathes heavy. The show's major problem right now is that it can't stop casting character actors. Fellow agent Mike O'Malley struggles as the two-faced control for Spivey's wackier experiment, and James Cromwell and Alfre Woodard angle for screentime. Next week's mix promises an FBI agent - how many masters can one agent serve? Can Patton Oswalt as a rebellious code-breaker be far behind? When the stunt casting does work, this show gives itself a chance - Slater is so much better when he has someone high energy to play off of.

While hunting terrorists with creative names like Mohammed El Aziz is both boring and potentially ripped off from 24, Edward Albright's methods have entered the realm of the fantastic with painful red needles against white interrogation walls. Plus, his dark side's bedroom technique is improving his sex life and giving his alter-ego's wife a reason not to stick her head in the oven. Having shown enough to stick around for a third episode, let's hope Edward Albright has moved onto the M's part of the Kama Sutra from H for Hummingbird by now. If nothing else, then for his poor exhausted wife's sake.

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