Christian Bale has some Batman advice for Ben Affleck

Illustration for article titled Christian Bale has some Batman advice for Ben Affleck

Now that Christian Bale has passed on the Bat-cowl to Ben Affleck, Access Hollywood asked the actor if he had given the new Dark Knight any advice regarding the role. Bale had, and his suggestions may surprise you — that is, unless you somehow guessed they were solely about peeing.


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Christian Bale interviews are interesting. He has gone on record saying that he hates the promoting part of the movie business. And you can see in many of them how he checks out in many interviews where the interviewer asks the same questions again and again. However, engage him in something outside the entertainment industry, in this case Batkid and he lights up. He becomes alive again. And he's interesting to talk to. I wish more interviewers would take note in this interview and throw more not really completely related to the promoting movie questions. For one thing, it's a great way to make your interview unique and more likely to be viral.