Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista Screentesting for Guardians of the Galaxy Is Hilarious

Marvel’s Phase 2 box set truly is a trove laden with treasures. Earlier today we got to see Loki live out his fantasies in a deleted scene from Thor: The Dark World—but this time, we turn to the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the fantastic improv skills of Star-Lord himself, Chris Pratt.


The clip comes from Yahoo, and it shows part of Pratt’s audition for the role of Peter Quill, performing a scene alongside Dave Bautista in partial makeup as Drax the Destroyer. Check it out below:


It’s like the lowest budget version of Guardians of the Galaxy you’ve ever seen, but with the actual actors!

[Yahoo via]

·Header Image Credit: Yahoo

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Professor Dog

Are Dave’s muscles part of the makeup of Drax or is this dude really just built like a brick shithouse?

Edit: Clearly my lack of watching WWE has deprived me of this knowledge - this man is intimidating.