Chris Pine's Kirk Will Make You Forget Shatner, Kevin Smith Promises

Clerks director and all around geek aficionado Kevin Smith saw what we can only assume was the rough cut of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. On KROQ’s Kevin and Bean radio show, Smith crowed about viewing a nameless movie where stars were treking. But more importantly he loved Chris Pine as young Kirk, which should put many a Trekkie mind at ease. [Trek Movie]



@SavannahJack: *shivers at the evilness of that world*

I used to think Smith had a good opinion - I like his body of work, for the most part - but he's burned me a couple of times with "this is so awesome, I've seen it and it's amazing", only to come face-to-face with some real crap. So, I don't take this for much.