Chris Pine Joins the Wonder Woman Movie as Dude-in-Distress Steve Trevor

Illustration for article titled Chris Pine Joins the iWonder Woman/i Movie as Dude-in-Distress Steve Trevor

Apparently Chris Pine is more interested in hanging out with Wonder Woman than being the star of the Green Lantern Corps. Can you blame him? According to The Wrap, the actor, rumored to be in the running for Hal Jordan, has instead been cast as Wonder Woman’s guy pal Steve Trevor for the 2017 film.

While it’s true that in the early comics, Trevor was almost solely a love interest for Wonder Woman, since the New 52 he’s also been a super-secret-agent for ARGUS, the agency headed by director Amanda Waller, and the liaison between the government and the Justice League. I would have to imagine that this will also be the case in the Wonder Woman movie and the future DC Cinematic Universe, because I don’t really see Pine just signing up to be rescued by Gal Gadot over and over again. (Although it would be kind of awesome if he did.)

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They said Trevor will have a lot of action-y stuff to do on his own. Which is kind of meh. I mean, look at Supes and Batman, their female love interests/opposites are fairly passive. Not saying you’d have to emasculate him (although I really think it would be hilarious if he gets like tied to some train tracks and has to be rescued or something). But setting him up as the straight-man who gets caught up in all this crazy super-heroine goings on would be just as good as making him a super secret agent with crazy ninja skills.