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Chris Hemsworth reveals why Thor 2 should take a page from Game of Thrones!

Illustration for article titled Chris Hemsworth reveals why emThor 2/em should take a page from emGame of Thrones/em!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Director Marc Webb reveals lots more of his thinking regarding The Amazing Spider-Man. Catching Fire has officially found its director. Maisie Williams talks Arya's allies on Game of Thrones. Hancock may finally be getting a sequel!


There are new clips from Men in Black III, Cosmopolis , Fringe and Legend of Korra. Plus some new photos and details for Brave.

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Director Marc Webb offers some reassurances that this movie won't go overboard with the origin story stuff we've all seen before, as well as detailing how Peter is different this time around:

There's elements of that. Listen, I wanted to do things differently. If we've seen the origin of Spider-Man, maybe we haven't seen the origin of Peter Parker. There are certain iconic elements of Spider-Man that I felt obligated to honor. There are some exploratory phases. But, again, I wanted to build something with a different tone and a different attitude and to do things in a little more of a practical way, especially at the beginning of the movie. There are elements where we spent a lot of time engineering and designing sequences that existed within the camera that we just shot practically with him swinging on these chains to help create that sensation and feeling of joy and fun, which is always a great part of these movies.

Can you talk about your approach to Peter here? It seems like he becomes this more animated version of himself when he's in the costume.
That's something from the comics that I've always been really a fan of. Humor's a tricky thing because it's always very subjective. Everything in this movie — the first domino, is Peter getting left behind by his parents. I thought to myself, "What does that do to somebody? How does that change your view of the world?" To me, that creates a little bit of a level of distrust. It's a brutal thing to have happen to you. That's, to me, where he gets that outsider status. Then there's a sarcasm that comes from that and a quippiness. I think you guys have seen some of the car thief scene where that attitude comes out. That, to me, is generated from this chip on his shoulder. He's a little bit mean. He's a little bit snarky, but that's an attitude that we can all understand and relate to. I think it comes from a real genuine place. That was fun to explore the humor, but my point is that the humor comes from a very human, real, emotional place. It's not just slapped on.


He also explains some of his casting decisions for the supporting characters, specifically Denis Leary as Captain George Stacy and Sally Field as Aunt May:

Denis plays the authority figure that he has made fun of for his entire career. When you cast someone like Sally, they come with a certain level of awareness and real, genuine affection, which I think, for Aunt May, is an incredibly important thing to have. We all love Aunt May, but I wanted to create a tension between Aunt May and Peter because, once again, what is the reality of the situation? God, I wish I could show you some scenes, but I don't have them with me. I thought, what would happen if you were someone who was in charge of taking care of a kid who has had a lot of tragedy in his life and he goes out late at night and comes back and he's f—-ed up? You would be concerned. If he's got bruises on his face, what happens in that moment? That can create some tension, but you want there to be love there and that is what someone like Sally Field gives. The other thing about Denis Leary is that we all trust Denis Leary. He's got this attitude, but we love him. In this movie he puts pressure on Peter Parker. He's on Spider-Man's case. But you understand him. Good drama comes from competing ideas of what's good, right? People have different ideas on what that is, but if you put that together and they collide there is an honest difference in opinion. Then there's something really interesting that happens there. I wanted to explore that as much as possible.

There's plenty more at the link. [Coming Soon]

Thor 2

Star Chris Hemsworth says he hopes director Alan Taylor will take some inspiration from his previous directorial gig:

[Game of Thrones] had a real mythical element to it, but it was rooted in such an organic and tangible world. I think Asgard could really benefit from that sort of a grittier, aged feel to it and not so ethereal," he said. "The big thing about the comics for me was the origin story. Thor was interesting, but what I found more fascinating was the other worlds and realms that you can be taken off into.


For the complete interview videos with Hemsworth and costar Tom Hiddleston, go here. [via /Film]

Catching Fire

We all pretty much knew this, but now Lionsgate has officially announced that I Am Legend and Water for Elephants director Francis Lawrence will take over for Gary Ross and direct the sequel to The Hunger Games. If so inclined, you can read the full press release at the link. [Shock Till You Drop]



Illustration for article titled Chris Hemsworth reveals why emThor 2/em should take a page from emGame of Thrones/em!

Pixar has released official character biographies and images for the parents of the Scottish heroine Merida. At left is King Fergus, voiced by well-known Scottish comedian Billy Connolly:

King Fergus is a heroic warrior with a majestic bear cape, broad sword and a knobby peg leg – the result of his much-regaled skirmish with the demon bear Mor'du. His vendetta against the beast who took his leg makes Fergus a ferocious and determined bear hunter, evidenced by a home full of mounted trophies of every size. Protector of his kingdom and family, Fergus has a heart as big as his triplet sons are mischievous and boundless love for his wife, Queen Elinor. But his pride for his first-born daughter Merida is unmatched, and he has gifted her his great skill and passion for the sword and the bow.


Check out the rest, including a bio and portrait of Emma Thompson's Queen Elinor, at the link. [/Film]

Men in Black III

Here's a new sneak peek clip. [/Film]


District 9 star Sharlto Copley is reportedly in talks to play King Stefan next to Angelina Jolie's title character in this spin on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. [Deadline]


Hancock 2

Director Peter Berg says he and the original movie's creative team is moving slightly closer to a sequel:

"I just got off the phone with Will Smith and Akiva Goldsman the producer, and it was the most productive conversation that we've had in a year. We seemed to have an idea, but we're all crazy and really busy. But if we can now do what we all said we'd do, there's a very good chance it will get made."




Here's a sneak peek clip from Scanners and A History of Violence director David Cronenberg's adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel, featuring cast members Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon. [/Film]


Showrunners Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman say the fifth season will revisit the 2036 setting seen in last week's "Letters of Transit." []


Here's a promo for tonight's episode, "Brave New World: Part 1", which is the first half of the fourth season finale. [Fringe Television]

And here are two sneak peeks.

Here's a video in which the cast previews the big season finale.

And finally, some promo photos. [SpoilerTV]

Game of Thrones

Arya Stark actress Maisie Williams discusses how her character sees two of the people closest to her, Jaqen and Gendry:

When Jaqen tells her that he's going to grant her three kills, she kind of has to trust him then. When she meets these new people who are kind of nice to her and she can trust even the slightest bit, I think she's then worried to lose them. She's trying to not get too close to him, because she's worried that he's doing this very dangerous thing. She's not sure what to make of him, but he's then got this almost power over her. When she realizes that he really means business, and that he does these kills in a way that it looks like it was an accident, she then gets even more nervous that he's going to be taken away from her.

How would you describe Arya's relationship with Gendry (Joe Dempsie), the blacksmith's apprentice who just also happens to be one of King Robert's bastards?
When he first kind of helps her out in the first season, I think she thinks there's something a little bit fishy going that he may have sussed out something. When she does find out that he knows she's really a girl, she realizes he has known for a while. Throughout the course of the second season, she learns to trust him and sort of gets on even ground with him and tells him things. Since he kind of knows who she is, she almost has to trust him a little bit.


There's more at the link. [TV Guide]

True Blood

Grey's Anatomy and Felicity actor Scott Foley discusses his role on the show as Terry's old friend and fellow veteran Patrick:

"People ask me, ‘Oh my God, you're on True Blood - what are you?!" And I have to keep saying, "Umm… nothing! I'm just a guy!' I'm not a vampire, I'm not a werewolf, I'm not a werepanther, I'm not a fairy, I'm not a shapeshifter. I'm just a guy coming into town trying to finish something he started back in Iraq...Something happened between [Terry and Patrick] in Iraq that needs to be dealt with. I can't say what it is. It has nothing to do with vampires or werewolves. But there is a mission that they need to complete."


And here are some accompanying promo images. [TV Line]

Once Upon a Time

Here's a bunch of sneak peeks for this Sunday's episode, "An Apple Red as Blood." [TV Line]


Here's a promo for tonight's episode, "Reading is Fundamental." []

And here are some promo photos for the next episode, the excellently titled "There Will Be Blood." You can also check out the official description below.[BuddyTV]

"In order to defeat Dick Roman and the Leviathans, Sam and Dean must locate three key items. Castiel helps with one but for the last objects, the Winchesters must face two of their strongest opponents – an Alpha and Crowley. Meanwhile, Bobby tries out a new ghost trick that ends up being very dangerous."


This really shouldn't come as any surprise, but the CW has officially renewed the show for an eighth season. [EW]

The Legend of Korra

Here's a clip from tomorrow's episode, "The Spirit of Competition." [TV Guide]

Young Justice: Invasion

Here are some promo photos for the second episode of the season, "Earthlings." [KSiteTV]


The Vampire Diaries

The CW has also officially renewed The Vampire Diaries for a fourth season. [EW]

Tron Uprising

Here's some concept art for the animated Tron Uprising spin-off series. [Stitch Kingdom]


Additional reporting by Jennifer Griffith-Delgado and Charlie Jane Anders.


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