Chris Hemsworth Geeks Out in This Delightful New Ghostbusters Featurette

We’ll take any chance to see more of what the new Ghosbusters film is going to be like. This new behind-the-scenes featurette not only contains a bunch of new footage, but also happens to showcase Hemsworth’s hapless assistant Kevin being both sexy and moronic.


Released for “Administrative Professionals Day” (the unofficial holiday championing the tireless work of admins all over the world), the featurette combines Kevin’s earnest idiocy with interview snippets from the cast. We’ve seen the ghost boobs joke before and it’s still not great, but there are a few decent chuckles in here. Plus, in those giant nerd glasses, it’s hard not to imagine that this is Thor, finally getting his old Donald Blake alter-ego from the comics and messing around on Midgard for a bit.

Ghostbusters is out July 15th.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Mortal Dictata

Right so in the original where the assistant was a relatively intelligent person (in that case a woman), if with a rough ‘yeah whatever’ attitude attached, in the gender-flipped remake they decided to make them a stereotypical good-looking retard footballer type guy?

Tell me why this film is being made again as so far it just looks to be bottom of the barrel ‘comedy’ with the Ghostbusters name attached and a godawful in your face faux-feminist ‘yeah women are strong, women are smart too’ slant.