Chris Evans brings pain to the train in a new Snowpiercer trailer

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Chris Evans is using his brain to rain pain down on the fascist forces that control the train named Snowpiercer, but what does he have to gain? Will he attain freedom for his fellow passengers, or will the soldiers contain the revolution, making Evans' hopes in vain?

I'll refrain from complaining, because I maintain the film, when it opens later this year, will definitely entertain, if only because it's so insane.

My apologies if this has all been a bit inane.

/runs away as quickly as possible

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Dawg, this description is lame. For shame, you've brought nothing but dishonor to your family name. Shit, you should have played it the same: no rhyming in writing, the more I read I could feel my interest wane. But that's the name of the game, and speaking of "game", can anybody point me in the direction of some curvaceous dames who enjoyed Citzen Kane and Major Payne?

Fuck it, I'll want probably watch this in on a plane. Better than reruns of the House of Pain. Or maybe I'll watch us all comment in rhymes like Etrigan but after a while it's all just cheap tricks, #DavidBlane.