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X-Files creator Chris Carter is back with the strange, post-apocalyptic Amazon series The After. Inspired (loosely) by Dante's Divine Comedy, Carter boasted that he would like to make 99 episodes, similar to the 99 cantos in the book. Thankfully Amazon has only given him the cash to make eight.


After premiering the pilot episode a few months back, Amazon has decided to go forward with Carter's new series. Centered around the end of days, THR is reporting that Amazon will release the series in increments of four two-hour episodes sometime in the beginning of 2015.

The official synopsis (according to THR) is as follows:

The After is loosely described as a post-apocalyptic drama centered on eight strangers who must work together in order to survive in a violent, unpredictable new world with the date of March 7 serving as a common thread that ties them together.


Unfortunately earlier this year, Rek reported their thoughts on the show's pilot over on Observation Deck. The response was... not great. So that's a bit of a bummer.

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