Choose Your Next Star Trek Villains

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No sooner has Star Trek been released than people have started throwing around ideas for a sequel. Klingons? Khan? The Borg? We'd like your opinions, please: Who should NuKirk jerk around next?


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I hope they bring back Space Abe Lincoln from "The Savage Curtain", only this time his "team of rivals" comes along for the ride.

SEE William Seward as the dashing young...ish SecState who tries to lure Uhura away from Spock. "This scar? Oh it's stabbed in the face by a Seccesh. More wine?"

SEE Edward Bates...what secrets does he conceal beneath that truly gigantic beard? (Hint - it rhymes with "pentacle")

SEE Salmon Chase wield the original printing plates for the $10,000 bill his face is on. "I call it...the Legal Tenderizer."

Also, Lincoln's stovepipe hat is actually Q.