Chloe's Scifi Movie Queen Mom Finally Showed Up on Lucifer, and It Was Perfect

The first time we went to Chloe’s house, way back in episode two of Lucifer, we learned that her mother, Penelope, was a former science-fiction B-movie goddess. The show has been teasing her reveal all season, and last night, on “Pops,” the Vampire Queen herself finally turned up, played by a perfectly-cast Rebecca De Mornay.


Chloe is taken aback by her irritatingly coquettish mother’s sudden appearance—fresh off the convention circuit, apparently—especially when Grandma dresses Trixie up like a Toddlers and Tiaras contestant and tries to take her to an audition, a tactic that apparently sums up Chloe’s childhood with chilling accuracy.

Lucifer is, naturally, delighted by all of this. “Pops” lays on the parents ‘n’ kids theme a bit thick, but Penelope, or “Penny,” turns out not to be as Mommie Dearest as she seems. One of the best things about Lucifer is that it resists turning any of its characters into caricatures—even grumpy Maze, who actually shows kindness to Trixie, of all people, in this episode. Though ... plopping a cherry in a whiskey shot and calling it a Shirley Temple proves she hasn’t given up her wicked ways entirely, thank Satan.

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