Chinese Uprising Succeeds In Ousting Editor Of Controversial Science Fiction Magazine

We reported last week that the editorial staff of China's Science Fiction World had published an open letter, signed by many of the country's top writers and tons of fans, calling for the departure of President and Chief Editor Li Chiang. And now their struggle has borne fruit.


According to China's Xinhua News Agency, Li has been suspended pending an investigation into his activities. Li promised to cooperate with the investigation. The new Xinhua report also includes new details about the open letter's allegations, which go beyond the magazine's dropping print circulation:

The letter was signed "All the editors of Science Fiction World" and was published under the ID, "Rise to Fight."

It said Li had "whimsical new ideas — ordering his Chinese literature editors to write novels themselves instead of writers, foreign language editors to translate novels themselves instead of specialist translators, and art editors to draw pictures themselves instead of artists, which shows he has no idea how to run a magazine."

SFW had a circulation of 150,000 copies a month when Li took over at the beginning of 2009, but the latest figures showed the figure has fallen to 130,000, said a senior editor of the magazine.

I love the idea of making the art editors do all the art themselves. It's so crazy, it might just — no, actually, it wouldn't work at all. I'm guessing this news is legit, since I don't think they celebrate April Fools in China. [China Daily]



It's a SF Cultural Revolution!

Actually, if he's a CCP flunky then I'm not really surprised. Flunkies have been known to do really stupid things (see Chernobyl 1986.)