Chinese Transformers Will Put Optimus Prime To Shame

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Holy robot glory — A Chinese Odyssey director Jeffrey Lau is making a Chinese Transformers movie. No matter how many things Michael Bay blows up in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, it still won't have Stephen Chow in it. Which means it's China 1, America 0.Apparently its been in the works for 10 years and it's titled simply, Robot. Lau has partnered with Le and has created a film company, and Robot will be their first production. The giant-robot film will

present a refreshing look at Chinese robots for people who are used to stereotypical Hollywood figures like Spiderman and Superman. He said the Chinese robot, in comparison, would feel closer and more human to audiences.


The film will begin shooting on November 19th in China. [Crienglish via Twitch]

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Well it certainly won't be a GM love fest like the Bay movies.