The Beijing Institute of Technology's BHRs (Beijing Humanoid Robots) can shadow-box, do tai chi, and brandish a mean broadsword. Of course, you've got to hand the 'bot the sword first, but we're just one glitch away from wholesale decapitation.

The Beijing Institute of Technology hopes that these robots will someday be able to work in in dangerous work environments — but for now, the bots are happy to learn tai chi stances and wield implements of stabbing. Aren't we digging our own grave here?


[Via Plastic Pals here and here]

Above: A BRH-2 bandies about a sword

This image was lost some time after publication.


Two BRH-2s do tai chi on Chinese televison.

BRH-3s Jing Jing & Bei Bei do tai chi in this video from September 2009. This is how Daft Punk gets themselves jazzed up for a show.


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