Chinese 'Sperm Extractor' Machine: Worst Sexbot Ever

Either this is a very sad looking first generation sexbot, or there's something very seriously wrong in China right now.


Behold the hands free 'sperm extractor,' a new medical device that was developed for infertility patients. The machine is about to go on active duty at Zhengzhou Central Hospital in China, and was developed to smooth the sperm extraction process — something that apparently needs smoothing.

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Featuring a lovely pink trim and a video screen for the displaying of erotic images, the device is also portable and can be adjusted for height. It's equipped with controls for speed, frequency, amplitude and temperature.

Contrary to earlier reports, the sperm extractor is not for sperm donors, but is intended to help infertility patients who have had difficulty retrieving sperm. That being the case, Chinese doctors better be sure the device doesn't make things even worse.

Via Medical Daily.

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Der Sportwagoner

Not to err...self aggrandize... but that hole doesn't look sufficient for all penises which are in "user mode". Perhaps it offers other attachments for regional differences?