You might have thought Pacific Rim was just a cool movie about mechas fighting giant monsters, but actually you missed its true purpose as pro-U.S. propaganda. Writing in a Chinese military newspaper, a Chinese officer explains the secret imperialist message of Guillermo del Toro's movie.

Pacific Rim "exported the U.S.'s rebalancing of its Asia-Pacific strategy," according to Zhang Jieli's article in the People's Liberation Army Daily. Pacific Rim has become one of the most popular movies in Chinese history, grossing over $100 million in China alone. So perhaps it's understandable that the Chinese military is concerned that the movie represents a subtle critique of China's territorial ambitions in the South China Sea.

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

"The decisive battle against the monsters was deliberately set in the South China Sea adjacent to Hong Kong," Zhang said. Beijing has territorial disputes with most of its neighbors in the South China Sea. "The intention was to demonstrate the U.S. commitment to maintaining stability in the Asia-Pacific area and saving mankind...

"Soldiers should sharpen their eyes and enforce a 'firewall' to avoid ideological erosion when watching American movies," Zhang warned.

Plus check out some brand new Pacific Rim kaiju concept art by Guy Davis, via Legendary: