China turns Soviet aircraft carrier into hotel

Spencer Ackerman - Danger Room

This is the Kiev, currently anchored in the Chinese port of Tianjin. Once she was the flagship of the mighty Soviet navy's Pacific fleet. Now she's available for business retreats, intimate getaways or simple relaxation.

That's because the Chinese have bought the aircraft carrier and transformed her into a floating luxury hotel.


The Kiev will stay permanently docked. Much as a Soviet-era sailor might resent the indignity, Kiev won't go back out to sea. She'll entertain guests and clients at anchor, a bizarre museum to a different country's naval power.

And also an allusion to Chinese naval ambitions. After all, Kiev isn't the only ship that the Chinese bought from former Soviet states. Its first aircraft carrier, rechristened Shi Lang the floating equivalent of a new used car, purchased from Ukraine. It's kind of a starter ship.

Similarly, while China is newly aggro in the western Pacific, it's no naval heavyweight. Its submarines are way too loud to threaten the U.S. Navy. On the other hand, its investment in tons and tons of missiles certainly do.

But that won't be an issue for the Kiev luxury hotel. Guests will relax with Western-style cuisine in ornate luxury suites, dreaming of Chinese seapower.


Photo: China Daily.


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