China Takes Over Sequel to "The Host"

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We've seen it all before: A giant monster attacks and countries come together as a result to defeat it. But here's a different twist: Monster attacks, and countries come together to recreate it. Well, sort of. In fact, the sequel to last year's awesome Korean giant monster movie The Host is actually being taken over by another country.

There will be a Chinese sequel to the movie which is completely separate from the Korean one, and the filmmakers are calling it a "localized" version. The already-announced Korean The Host 2 seems to be stalling out, but attempts to open up the Chinese market to the franchise are zooming — despite the politically-critical nature of the original film.


According to the president of Korean production house Chungeorahm, Choi Yong-bae:

Chinese film markets are driven by blockbusters with themes of epic drama and martial arts. It's time to provide more varied types of commercial films... When 'The Host' topped the Chinese box office in March last year, I was reassured that a sequel for Chinese audience would be possible.

The movie will be half-funded by Chungeorahm, and half by Chinese production house Stone Man Films; with production aimed at a 2009 start date, expect a release date sometime in 2010. Though the Chinese sequel has a director and cast, the Korean sequel remains in purgatory. No director or cast announcements have been made. At this rate, the Chinese sequel may become the sequel to The Host.

Korea/China take on 'Host' sequel [Variety]


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